Antoni Gaudí

Editorial Kalandraka
2015 Finalist Premis Junceda: Future Creators Category
2014 Finalist VII Premio Internacional Compostela Álbum Ilustrado

This illustrated children’s book tells the biography of Antoni Gaudí. Its aim is to bring culture to the very young and, more specifically, the world of art and architecture, whilst being a useful tool for parents to accompany them throughout their learning. The book, as well as promoting culture, also teaches the very young to preserve nature and raises awareness about its importance (given that Antoni Gaudí’s work is the result of a lifelong observation and interest for nature). Gaudí always used to say: “look for inspiration in nature, originality is returning to the origin”, making reference to nature. Gaudí is therefore not just the architect that we all know, but a great naturalist who found inspiration in nature to then create great architectural work and to make the city of Barcelona a bit more cheerful and green.

Title: “Antoni Gaudí”
Text and illustrations: Dàlia Adillon
Publisher: Kalandraka
First edition: March 2015
Available languages: Spanish, Galician, Catalan, English
ISBN: 978-84-8464-922-9 (ES), 978-84-8464-926-7 (GL), 978-84-8464-923-6 (CA), 978-84-8464-924-3 (EN)
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