Where the children come from?


This illustrated album aims to explain from a simple, sweet and natural point of view, the reproductive process. It also covers aspects such as the close relationship between human beings and animals, respect for nature, etc.

The story unfolds through the different seasons of the year: it starts in the summer, followed by autumn, winter and finally spring. This is to make the child aware of the long time frame that the whole process comprises.

The appearance of the seasons of the year turns out to be a perfect excuse to work with them – from the weather changes typical of each season, to the seasonal food, the animals’ behaviour, as well as the changes in peoples’ clothes, their activities, etc.

But the seasons of the year are also personified through the woman, following the state in which she finds herself, through a beautiful metaphor between women and nature.

Also, throughout the story different animals appear so that children can do a simple comparison between the reproductive process of the human being and that of animals.

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