El nuevo traje del emperador

Apila Ediciones
2015 Finalist Premis Junceda: Children’s Fiction Books Category
2014 Winner II Premio Apila Primera Impresión

“El traje nuevo del emperador” is a classic story written by Hans Cristian Andersen, published in 1837. The book is an adaptation by Raquel Garrido which tells us the story of an emperor obsessed with demonstrating his power through lust and appearance. In a very convincing way, it shows us social prejudices: only a child is capable to say what he thinks without fear of what others will say. It also reflects on vanity, through the king’s excessive wish to make himself noticed and praised, and hypocrisy, through the ministers who only say what their king wants to hear.

Title: “El nuevo traje del emperador”
Text: H. C. Andersen
Illustrations: Dàlia Adillon
Publisher: Apila Ediciones
First edition: September 2014
Available languages: Spanish
ISBN: 978-84-939736-7-4
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