Guislabert de Barcelona i el misteri de la catedral

Arola Editors

Guislabert of Barcelona organises a big party to celebrate the consecration of the cathedral of Barcelona. Everybody is so excited with the preparations that a key item goes missing and nobody knows where it has gone… Will they find it before the party starts?

"Guislabert de Barcelona i el misteri de la catedral" is part of the collection "Contes de comtes" formed by six stories with the aim to make Catalan medieval history known through its landscape and its characters.

Title: “Guislabert de Barcelona i el misteri de la catedral”
Text: Montse Subirana
Illustrations: Dàlia Adillon
Publisher: Arola Editors
First edition: February 2015
Available languages: Catalan
ISBN: 978-84-94367-73-1
Dàlia Adillon 2017 - - With by Vic-Web