La pequeña inuk

Ediciones La Fragatina
2016 Longlist The Global Illustration Award GIA
2016 Shortlisted World Illustration Awards AOI
2016 Selected in Sharjah International Book

Through Annakpok, a little girl who lives in the arctic, the book tells us about the daily life of the Inuit, known derogatorily as the Eskimo (those who eat raw meat). The Inuit culture feels practically unknown to us, we only know a few of their words: kayak, anorak, parka, igloo, etc. Its people have wonderful and rich customs, values and traditions, great respect for nature, as well as a beautiful outlook towards the world around us.

The book offers us the possibility to travel to an unknown world about which we will surely want to know more, and without a doubt will give us much food for thought… This is done through Darabuc’s text, the illustrations and original idea by Dàlia Adillon and the anthropological advice of Francesc Bailón, an anthropologist specialising in Inuit culture.

Title: “La pequeña inuk”
Text: Darabuc
Original idea and illustrations: Dàlia Adillon
Publisher: Ediciones La Fragatina
First edition: November 2015
Available languages: Spanish
ISBN: 978-84-16226-88-7
Dàlia Adillon 2017 - - With by Vic-Web