Pas a pas cap a la convivència

Coexistence and social cohesion campaign

"Pas a pas cap a la convivència" is part of the project “Procés Comunitari Vic”, a coexistence and social cohesion campaign to boost well-being and improve the life style of the inhabitants of Vic. This is a commitment by Obra Social "la Caixa", Vic’s City Council and the Associació Tapís to facilitate and support the organisation of a project where everybody has a place –a proposal that is being developed in 40 different territories.

The Project consists of the basic idea of citizens, professionals and politicians working together, through joint responsibility and shared commitment. This aims to encourage a collective process of social transformation, where we are all protagonists and subjects of our own process of social development and of the improvement of local coexistence.

It seeks to builds a shared and global knowledge of local reality: collecting everything that is happening in the city and listening to the diversity of the protagonists in the community. It will create socialising and meeting spaces amongst everyone, in order to encourage joint initiatives, strengthening the local community’s capability in order to respond collectively to the current challenges.

Dàlia Adillon 2017 - - With by Vic-Web